I am a certified homeopathic practitioner and a practitioner of craniosacral body therapy.  These 2 modalities of healing are gentle and effective methods of stimulating your body's own healing response to help you maximize your health and sense of well being.  They are effective for many types of illnesses and chronic conditions, and are especially helpful in illnesses and pain for which conventional medicine offers no lasting or non toxic treatments. 

My goal in working with my clients is to help them improve their overall health and sense of freedom physically, mentally and emotionally, as all levels of the being can be involved in sickness or restriction.  By using homeopathic remedies and/or craniosacral bodywork we can support the whole being in returning to health safely, rapidly and without toxic side effects.

I did my undergraduate and graduate work at U.C. Berkeley, and my homeopathic training at the Pacific Academy of Homeopathic Medicine.  I trained for craniosacral work through the Upledger Institute and the Milne Institute.  I am certified with the Council for Homeopathic Certification, and have studied and practiced homeopathy since 1985.  I am the Director of the Berkeley Institute of Homeopathy (wwwberkeleyinstituteofhomeopathy.com,  a three year professional training course for homeopathic practitioners in Berkeley, California.  I served for many years as   Registrar  of the North American Society for Homeopaths, and on the board of the CHC as Vice President, working in both positions to define standards of practice and education for professional homeopaths in North America and to evaluate applicants for certification.  I taught for ten years as a core teacher at the Pacific Academy of Homeopathy in San Francisco.  In my practice I work with both adults and children and live and practice in Berkeley, California.