Homeopathy is a system of healing based on a principle described by writers as early as Hippocrates which observes that a substance can often cure symptoms which are similar to symptoms which it can produce.  A simple example might be a case of arthritis which is hot, red and swollen at the joints with a stinging sort of pain.  These symptoms are very similar to a bee sting and might be treated and helped by a homeopathic dose of Apis (bee venom).  The doses of homeopathic remedies are so minute that there are no harmful side effects, and yet they are strong enough so that a healing stimulus is presented to the body so that it can begin a return to a healthy, normal state.



In chronic, constitutional care, what we will be looking for in treatment for you is an overall improvement in energy and your sense of well being and vitality.  As these things improve, most clients experience significant improvement in their local symptoms and chief complaints. This returning to greater balance and health can unfold over many months, so depending on your state when we start, we might be meeting monthly for a number of months to help guide your process.

In acute care, we are looking for improvement within days.

The goal is to use homeopathic medicines to help you achieve greater health and vitality so that eventually you do not need medicines.

Generally, the younger and healthier a person is, with fewer years of ill health, the faster the recovery is.  The longer a person has been struggling with their health, generally, the process of improvement is more gradual.  But we are always looking for steady improvement in all levels of your health.



For the first session for a treatment which addresses your overall health (“constitutional treatment”), we will take two hours or so to sit together to go over your concerns, your symptoms and your health and treatment history.  Homeopathy seeks to understand your health and any experience of “dis-ease” or discomfort as one overall pattern, and to discover those patterns of likes, dislikes, ease, discomfort in this initial conversation.  These patterns manifest on the physical, mental and emotional levels, so we will discuss your health on all these levels to try to understand what homeopathic medicine can best help you come back to balance and vitality.



At the end of our first session, if the pattern is clear to me, I will suggest a homeopathic medicine for you and give you recommendations for taking it.  We will then schedule a follow-up appointment to meet again in 4 weeks to evaluate the effects of the medicine.

If, at the end of this first session, I am not yet decided as to the most helpful medicine, I will need to study your case for a few days, possibly up to a week, depending on your interview and the clarity of your symptoms.  Then I will suggest the remedy by telephone or by email, and we will have our follow-up in 4 weeks.



If you are seeking help for imbalance during an acute illness, our session will generally last from 30-60 minutes and I will suggest a homeopathic medicine at that time.  We will generally be having daily phone or email contact over the next number of days to monitor your health and improvement.  I may suggest adjunct tinctures or supplements to help support your recovery.



Constitutional Care:

INITIAL CONSULTATION:  $325  (2 hours)
FOLLOW-UP APPOINTMENTS:  $175  (30-45 min)

Acute Care:

INITIAL CONSULTATION:  $175  (Includes 1 week of follow-up phone calls.)

Pricing applies to both adults and children.

HEALTH INSURANCE & FSA:  Iris Hagen Ratowsky does not accept insurance. In California, most insurance companies do not cover homeopathic treatment.  However, you may get reimbursed from a Flexible Savings Account. If a patient’s health insurance provider reimburses money for homeopathic treatment by Iris Hagen Ratowsky or a patient needs to submit a receipt for FSA claims, then Iris will be glad to issue expense receipts with proper diagnosis codes to the patient. The patient is responsible for contacting their insurance provider for verifying their coverage and following up with the provider for claims processing.

WAYS TO PAY: Payment can be made by Venmo, Paypal, check, or cash. If you have a virtual appointment, payment is due prior to your appointment.

  • Please call (510) 508-6205 for the mailing address should you wish to mail a check. Checks must be received at least one week prior to your appointment.

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